"Binapharm" Ltd.  is a company specializing in creating biotechnological products and high-quality sports nutrition manufacturing .

Since the company has been formed, its main activity is to develop and manufacture the products primarily used in sports of high achievements. The task is motivated by the time and doping scandals with Russian athletes to innovate sports nutrition production, featuring no analogue specialised products based on natural adaptogens.

Having solid scientific standing, the company has carried out research work that resulted in developing and establishing a new line of innovative products and beverages («Pure Organic», «PO-90", "the PO-Fitness", beverage "Tonus 007"), which over the past 16 years have been used and approved by national teams of Russia and other countries, leading hockey and football teams. The products manufactured by "Binapharm" have been tested by experts of the Russian Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, chief medical officers of the Russian Federation teams, and have won high quality ratio.

 Benefits after the consumption of the products and drinks:

  1. Increase of physical and mental performance, a more rapid recovery after intensive loads
  1. Increase of power endurance, mass muscle growth and strength, thereby significant improvement of athletic performance
  1. Fat burning and consumption of fat energy sources.
  1. Chronic fatigue decrease and body's resistance to stress
  1. Optimization of athletes’ adaptation to training and overloads during the events.

Strict adherence to quality standards, high efficiency and safety are the principles of our achievements.

Sports Nutrition, developed by "Binapharm", is intended to increase the adaptive resources of the body, physical and mental performance. It enables to foster the potential of athletes, and those who experience extreme psycho-emotional stress under extreme conditions.

All products have passed the control and tests at the Institute of Nutrition, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Anti-Doping Center", the Ministry of Sports of Russia, ASRIPC, the clinic of the Moscow Medical Academy. They do not contain any prohibited doping substances and are approved for use in sports without any restrictions.

Specialized food products of  "BINASPORT" line

To meet the increasing demand for high-quality sports nutrition at reasonable price, company "Binapharm" has started up production of specialized products of wide varieties.  The specialists have managed to develop their own formula for competitive sports nutrition products made up of the natural components.  Due to this approach, most of our products overtop the products of the leading manufacturers in the sports nutrition market in terms of flavouring, ready to drink format, low foaming.

We use the raw materials produced by  the largest European companies with an impeccable reputation: INGREDIA (France) , LACTOPROT (Deutschland), ARLA FOODS INGREDIENTS(Denmark), LACTALIS (France), IGRECA (France), STOCKMEIER FOOD (Austria), WIRUD (Deutschland).
We carry оut  mandatory check and  test of all incoming raw materials and finished products.

Sports nutrition  produced  by the company, have been estimated in terms of quality by experts both in Russia and abroad (Germany, Austria, France).
Thanks to our  cooperation with European companies, a wide range of   products will soon be presented to consumers in  the European market.