• L-CARNITINE 1800mg Liquid

BINASPORT L-CARNITINE is a high quality product, made of micronized raw materials, manufactured in compliance with GMP regulations.

L-carnitine transports fatty acids into cellular mitochondria where they break down releasing energy. BINASPORT L-CARNITINE supplementation is necessary to activate fat burning. Studies have proven  L-carnitine effectiveness to increase tolerance to stress and beneficial effects on the adaptive capacities of the human body.

The supplement beneficially affects under acute hypoxia including brain related, and other critical conditions. BINASPORT L-CARNITINE reduces overweight and burns fat in skeletal muscle, raises the threshold of resistance to physical stress, decreases the level of lactic acidosis and recovers physical ability after a long-term exercise. BINASPORT L-CARNITINE contributes to saving glycogen stores and replenishing  it’s level in the liver and muscles.

BINASPORT L-CARNITINE can be taken during the weight gain cycles, in order to prevent fat storage. When combined with the BINASPORT SUPREME WHEY PROTEIN or BINASPORT EXTREME MASS GAINER BINASPORT L-CARNITINE enhances endurance both in aerobic and anaerobic weightlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting sports.

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L-CARNITINE 1800mg Liquid

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